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As an experienced multidisciplinary company focused on the execution of infrastructure and EPC construction projects in the road, energy, industrial assembly, oil & gas and other sectors, Propav needs, in each initiative, to manage a large chain of suppliers, partners and subcontractors supplying goods and services in the various stages of implementation of an infrastructure project. The combination of (i) reliable partners and suppliers together with (ii) strong contractor management capabilities is essential for a project to achieve its objectives and to be built in a harmonised way.

Propav's business model thus functions as a conduit and generator of opportunities for SMEs and large companies, from the most diverse sectors, to expand their export base to new markets with the security of a solid group as an intermediary.

It is in the company's strategic interest to study, find, establish new alliances and joint ventures with other European companies, in order to enable the company's quality and performance to be maintained at high levels, ensuring commitment to the proper execution of projects and meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability.

If you would like to get in touch to register your interest in becoming a supplier of goods or services, please send us your details and company information so that we can contact you as soon as possible.