Our activities are governed at all times by the principles and behavioural guidelines set out in the company's Code of Ethical Conduct. This is because ethics and integrity have been part of the company's DNA since its inception, and our Code of Conduct is the business philosophy that outlines how to act respectfully towards each other and towards third parties.


Our Compliance Programme is structured on the basis of 9 pillars which in turn translate into an organizational culture of integrity and transparency. It was designed based on the principle of best practices for prevention, detection and response, as well as initiatives for the creation of an integrated and transparent business environment, complying with the law and international reference standards such as ISO 37001, ISO 37301 and UNE 19601.


Our Code of Ethical Conduct was built on the basis of our corporate identity, taking into account our vision, mission, purposes and principles.

These are the basic principles that our companies and all our employees must adhere to, and we expect everyone to act in an honest, transparent and socially responsible behavior.


  • Respect
  • Delivery
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity
  • Cooperation
  • Unity


Commitment is one of the fundamental pillars of a Compliance Programme and daily ethical conduct is what guarantees that a company is truly trustworthy and transparent. Propav's Compliance Programme also aims to build an Ethical Culture in the organization, enabling the integration of all employees, whether in every project or corporate leadership, in the principles and purposes of the organization, where integrity of conduct is the priority in all decisions.


The main focus of the Compliance Programme is people. In addition to all the mechanisms and procedures of the systems developed, it is essential that the professionals working in the Propav are fully connected to the company's Ethical Principles, which will allow them to guide all decisions taken, even on an individual level. The Compliance Programme is part of the organization’s culture and it is the responsibility of everyone in the company to ensure that it is complied with.


We have a communication channel available to all members of the organization and its stakeholders.


We are committed to innovation and process optimization.

We implement technological innovations that bring training and constant interaction with all employees anywhere in the world, ensuring efficient and effective learning and internalization of the company's Culture of Integrity.

Compass is the company's app that enables all these initiatives to be carried out so that those who form part of the company are aware of and understand the Code of Ethical Conduct, the Business Policies and the strategic procedures on compliance and sustainability, at the same time as promoting team integration, access to materials and regular online training.