At Propav Infraestructuras, Corporate Governance is of utmost importance to ensure comprehensive and responsible management. Through the guidelines and principles of our Corporate Governance, we constitute a framework of self-regulation and transparency for efficient corporate management and adequate control of our actions.

We set up our corporate governance bodies on the principle of synergetic, independent, and complementary action, segregating them by function and responsibility, thus having lines of defense in the form of Control, Regulatory, Supervisory and Management bodies.

We are committed to promoting transparency and corporate, environmental and social responsibility, which we consider essential in our actions and those of our collaborators, establishing a framework of policies, regulations and mechanisms to ensure this objective in all our management, decision-making and continuous improvement processes.

The fundamental guidelines and principles of our governance framework are consolidated in our Global Corporate Governance Policy, which is implemented and incorporated into our day-to-day business management in all relevant aspects.