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NewsProvida encourages blood donation

June Red is an initiative of the “Eu Dou Sangue” Movement with the objective of increasing the number of blood donors in Brazil. The month was chosen because June 14 is the World Blood Donor Day and because it is the beginning of winter, when there is a drop in blood donations.

Propav Construção e Montagem has ProVida, a complete program for its employees, in which several actions are planned in the areas of Safety, Health and Environment, which supports and encourages blood donation, disclosing the necessary prerequisites to be able to be a donor.

All people in good health, who have between 16 and 69 years old and weighing more than 50kg can donate as long as they are well fed, have slept at least 6 hours and have not consumed fat and alcohol before the donation.

Schedule your donation in São José dos Campos
R. Sta Clara, 450 – Vl. Adyanna: (12) 3922.0805 / 3209.7357 / 3209.7367
Hemotherapy Center of São José dos Campos
R. Antonio Saes, 425 – Centro: (12) 3519.3766

Schedule your donation in Taubaté
Hemotherapy Center of Taubaté
Av. Inglaterra, 190 – Jardim das Nações: (12) 3624.1273