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NewsPROPAV delivers one more contract

Once more a successful project has been delivered by PROPAV, this time around, concluding the maintenance services of tanks and spheres on the Q3 unit, from BRASKEM.

Counting with a highly trained team and the same quality, speed, and safety as always, PROPAV has provided services of blasting and painting of BRASKEM’s tanks and spheres. In addition, it had state-of-the-art machinery and advanced technology equipment such as the HydroCat Robot – a robotic system for surface hydro-blasting, Airless Pump, AUTOBLAST Shot Blasting Machine – Automated Turbine Blasting System, Mechanized Scales, amongst others.

Satisfied client and exceeded expectations

After the evaluation carried out by BRASKEM on the services provided by PROPAV, it was possible to observe great satisfaction. The customer’s score was 9.6 in relation to the maximum score, which is 10. In addition to reaching all the goals of the project, some points stood out because they achieved maximum score. They are:  Mobility and condition of the equipment, work organization and methods, compliance with the deadline and sense of urgency and prevention and health and safety controls.

For BRASKEM’s engineer, who is responsible for the project, Artur Ueda, the expectations were exceeded. “Comparing with the latest interventions of other BRASKEM Nafta tanks, we exceeded expectations regarding cost and time, becoming a reference for other interventions. Undoubtedly, efficiency in planning, agility in execution, technical qualification of the team, quality of equipment and solutions proposed by PROPAV, were fundamental to achieve this excellent result! ”

Without a doubt, this satisfaction would not be possible without the excellent work done by our employees. For this reason, PROPAV thanks all those involved for the professionalism, dedication, and commitment in the activities, which led us to achieve an extremely satisfactory result.

To learn more about the services performed by PROPAV in this project, access the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgYOJJOIYKU