Our Code of Ethical Conduct, a reinforcement of the Group’s commitment to transparency


Propav has approved its new Code of Ethical Conduct, through which the Group renews its commitment to transparency and integrity, outlining a framework in line with the expectations of all our stakeholders and employees.

The Code incorporates the highest levels of integrity in the performance of responsibilities and levels of action, forming part of the new generation of codes of ethics and it also lays the foundations for our commitments to sustainability. The Code has also been boosted by the inclusion of the company’s values and principles, its vision and mission, as well as the bases that guide the behaviour of its employees.

The Propav Board of Directors, which unanimously approved the Code, stressed the importance of the document as an instrument to generate maximum confidence among the different stakeholders and to make the ethical culture a cross-cutting issue at all levels within the organisation. 

Another new feature of the Code is the incorporation of the creation of the Ethics and Integrity Committee, which acts as a deliberative body for all matters related to Compliance, interpretation, non-compliance and modification of the Code. In the same vein, actions have been launched to disseminate and promote the contents of the Code and the existing policies in this area.

Finally, the new Code incorporates new technologies as direct communication instruments for promotion and dissemination, such as the Compass application, which is intended to be an agile tool for two-way communication with all the Group’s employees.

New Ethical Channel

Propav has also set up a new Ethical Channel that allows any employee to report, under the strictest confidentiality, any behaviour or action that contradicts the Code of Ethical Conduct, as well as those actions that by their nature could be contrary to regulations and laws. The Channel is also open to third parties who may communicate facts or actions that violate the premises of this Code and report any irregularity or breach of regulations. All communications in the Channel can be made anonymously if the person so wishes, as the computer tool guarantees anonymity when so required.



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