(Português) 1.000.000 de horas homens trabalhadas sem acidentes com afastamento 2

NewsOne million hours without accidents with time lost

 1CONGRATULATIONS to the entire team!

We have surpassed the milestone of one million hours without accidents with time lost.

It is with great satisfaction that we congratulate our workforce that works on the routine maintenance contract, tanks and stops at Refinaria Presidente Getúlio Vargas – REPAR [President Getúlio Vargas Refinery – REPAR], for having surpassed the milestone of one million man-hour without accidents with time lost. The work started in August 2018 reached, in April 2020, 1.225.692 man-hours without accidents.

In addition to the achievement conquered by the REPAR team, we also congratulate the teams of the projects running at TEBAR, TEFRAN, TEPAR, BRASKEM and CAÇAPAVA, which together add up to 579,280 man-hours without accidents turning into leave of absences.

“This is the result of commitment, teamwork and respect for life, which permeate our values of guaranteeing a safe and healthy work environment, preserving our employees’ well-being and treating them in a dignified and fair manner” – stated the Manager of QSEHSR – Quality, Safety, Environment, Health and Social Responsibility, Gerson Ponciano.


Note: TEBAR – Terminal Aquaviário de São Sebastiao (Transpetro); TEFRAN – Terminal de São Francisco do Sul (Transpetro); TEPAR – Terminal de Paranaguá (Transpetro); BRASKEM – Santo André e CAÇAPAVA (Head office).