Do you know what PROCESS SAFETY is?

NewsDo you know what PROCESS SAFETY is?

Process safety is an innovative accident prevention strategy. It is security aimed at preventing leakage, loss of containment and lack of control in the operational process. It is to focus on the exact compliance with the procedures of the activity being carried out and thus avoid accidents.
Aiming to reinforce these concepts and sensitize the entire workforce to the risks of occurrence in the operational process, the safety team of Propav Construção e Montagem, which works in the contract with the Capuava Refinery, carried out a strong campaign that awarded the best ideas to prevent accidents in each activity.
The employees who stood out were boilermakers Nilson Ferreira de Sousa and Elton do Nascimento Caldeira, maintenance mechanics Wellington Henrique de Arruda and Leonardo Bruno da Silva, and mower operators Paulo Cesar Ribeiro de Oliveira and Francisco Luciano Leite Domingues.
The company’s senior leadership was present at the award, demonstrating Propav’s commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment, always promoting continuous improvement and minimizing risks to the health and integrity of its employees.